Review of Name Resolution and Data Routing for Information Centric Networking

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رائد نصر كاظم العبيدي
07/10/2018 20:17:02

Abstract- Information-Centric Networking (ICN) a future Internet presents a new paradigm by shifting the current network
to the modern network protocols. Its goal, to improve the traditional network operations by enabling ICN packet routing and
forwarding based on names. This shift will bring advantages, but at the same time, it is leading to a big challenge on routing
approaches to implement ICN nodes. Routing approaches must use special techniques to publish messages to all the network
nodes. Flooding approach stateless, and an easyis however, results in control overhead, depending on the network size.on
Moreover, designing, implementing, and evaluating routing approaches with higher capacity is really a key challenge in the overall ICN research area, because the state of ICN brings a significant cost; both in packet processing and router storage.
Many approaches were proposed in the works of literature over these years for the efficient control of forwarding on the network. This paper provides a classification and review of the routing mechanisms that are proposed on six ICN architectures. A summary in tabular form and a comparative study of these six architectures is also given in the paper as well as a few open research challenges are highlighted

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