A Taxonomy of Information-Centric Networking Architectures based on Data Routing and Name Resolution Approaches

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رائد نصر كاظم العبيدي
20/10/2018 08:09:06

This study presents a vast coverage of current Information-Centric Network (ICN) submission by evaluating eight distinct and popular routing and name resolution approach. Internet build-up and initial deposition were based on a host-driven approach. With the increasing demands for media-driven data flooding the cost of the Internet, a new semantic and paradigm shift was envisioned known as ICN. Information- Centrism is an approach that partly dissociates the host dependencies by referring to contents by unique identifiers called name. However, to benefit from the content network, forwarding, naming and routing, among other issues are still in its developmental stages. The taxonomy serves as a basis for research directions, challenges, implementation and future studies for standardizing the ICN routing and naming. Routing and Name Resolution were themed in categories of strategies, contributions, issues, and drawbacks. The major findings of this paper are providing a classification and review of the data routing and name resolutions approach that are proposed on eight ICN architectures; presenting drawback areas in the selected architectures, and finally highlighting some challenges of ICN routing for the ICN research community vending.

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